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Don’t miss this if you are computer geek and want to cut down your clicks.

As soon as we turn on our computer our mouse starts barking with the”#”number of clicks.

We never count ’em and just imagine if, yes if that lazy geek won’t have found mouse with so much of hard work that makes our works too easy at every hack.

Your kids won’t enjoy that moments while you are busy with key board and your little champ is busy clicking and giving your hard time with mouse.. rofl, jokes apart.

What is my point here “Clicks, Clicks, Clicks“,  yes we click a lot for various reasons
don’t cha ?

To “Refresh” the desktop or the browser to reload the sites, to open a new tab, to adjust the cursor and subsequently we click to share something that we found interesting and want to share it with your friends Oopsss clicks, clicks and more super premium clicks relax and take a

Now who wants to cut-off the click through ratio over the mouse and want to make things easy with limited editions of wild clicks.

Just remember you were reading an interesting blog and you got few infect very few lines or may be phrases that you want to share with your social media circle across the internet, and you know that if you want your friends to read those couple of lines of phrases they have to go through the entire blog or article coz when you share something with the social sharing facilities on the internet it takes the entire blog not few lines that you want to share.

HUH…too much let me cut So what’s the Solution

it is time check this out, a little less just around three MB software will turn things your way and surely reduce the number of clicks too and what next ?

Now you don’t copy and paste those two lines that you want to share with your social media circles as soon as you have clicktoapp on your drive because as soon as you copy(Ctrl + c) something you will be asked where do you want to share those selected stuffs.

So, Download and Authorize the application and reduce the clicks have a great time with your keyboard. It’s Time to sign off

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