define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); define('DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true); Official Shut Down of CommHubb!

Official Shut Down of CommHubb!

Finally few weeks back a people owned corporation announced its official shutdown blaming Adsense.

Commhubb was suppose to Launch in September but somehow they shut down in September.

Google AdSense is one of the very popular advertising program among bloggers used widely for monetizing the contents.

CommHubb pays out in a unilevel structure
If you don’t know what a unilevel is, it looks like this:

Level 1: Your personally enrolled members
Level 2: Your Level 2 personally enrolled members
And so on…

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Google has been serving content based ads through Adsense to the publishers/bloggers since Adsense was launched in 2003.

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