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The Rainmaker | John Grisham.

 The Rainmaker fiction by
John Grisham.

Rudy Baylor is an average Joe, a rookie lawyer fresh out of law school, with the usual student debts, zero assets and a broken heart.

When he loses his dream job at a high flying firm owing to layoffs, he isn’t sure what to do next.

He is desperate for any job, small or otherwise and begins the rounds of every law firm in town and drowns his sorrows in copious amounts of beer, under the disapproving eye of his best friend.

When the case of Dot and Bud Black lands in his lap, Rudy thinks it’s a cinch- a straightforward case of negligence by an insurance company, but as he unwillingly takes it on, spurred on by the less-than-noble intentions of his shady employer, Rudy realizes that he has taken on more than what he had bargained for.

As he delves deep into the heartbreaking case of a teenager dying of leukaemia, a disease which could’ve been treated well in time had the insurance company paid up, Rudy is sucked right into the murky and incomprehensible world of insurance policies, their dense language, the slippery loopholes and the complicated legalese behind the entire process.
Slowly, but surely, the novice Rudy learns the tricks of the trade and tries to put together a strong defense for his clients.

Pitted against a behemoth, and a truckload of the brightest and most formidable attorneys in town, Rudy is a lone ranger in the courtroom, fighting for the truth.
The final twist in the tale comes out of nowhere and hits you right in the solar plexus.

Read this book for Grisham’s slow moving, yet irrefutably sardonic prose.
You will find humor in the unlikeliest of places, and each of his characters, minor or major, will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. Of course, his courtroom scenes are some of the best writing bits the book has to offer.

His prose is remarkably real and transports you right to the heart of the action.
The Rainmaker is truly, vintage Grisham.

Don’t let the size of the book put you off. Go, grab a copy right away!
John Grisham is Bestselling American writer popular for his heart throbbing legal thrillers worldwide translated into 42 languages.

This review is creative work by Pallavi S.

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