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The Kite Runner | Khaled Hosseini.

The Kite Runner first fiction by Khaled Hosseini published in 2003.

Two young boys, reveling in their childhood. Two young boys, happy and secure in their love and affection for each other, blissfully unmindful of the difference in their statuses.

Two young boys, who are more eager for the next English movie releasing in their nearest theater than worry about the ominous developments in the political landscape.

Until one fateful day, when an unspeakable act of savagery changes their lives in an instant.

The story about a rich Pashtun boy and his poor Hazara servant, each with his set of character flaws and strengths, hopes and dreams, and yearning for something better clearly resonates somewhere within each one of us.

In Amir, we peek into the world of the privileged Pashtun, the high walled mansions, fine food and the perks of being born in the right community.

In Hassan, we get one of literature’s finest and carefully nuanced characters. A poor Hazara servant whose life is intertwined with his master, Hassan’s devotion to Amir is total and complete.

The Kite Runner is not just about the changing face of Afghanistan. It’s not only about the beginning of Taliban’s cruel regime in the once thriving city and the political repercussions of a country torn apart.

At its heart, The Kite Runner is about emotions. A tale of sorrow, happiness, jealousy, hatred, a feeling of superiority and inferiority, humility, shame, a chance at redemption and above all forgiveness.

Read this book for understanding the inner turmoil one undergoes when faced with a distasteful situation. For understanding the psychology of a child, torn apart emotionally. For knowing how it feels when someone you call your own deserts you at the hour of need.

But mostly, read it for the sheer heart-tugging story of two young boys who just want a fair chance at life.

This review is written by Pallavi S.

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