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The Undomestic Goddess | Sophie Kinsella.

The Undomestic Goddess Fiction written by
Sophie Kinsella.

Meet Samantha Tennyson. A soon-to-be partner in a high powered law firm who has no idea how to turn her oven on, who hasn’t had time in the last three years to fix a milk delivery guy, whose idea of fine dining is to eat at the table, instead of at her easy chair and doesn’t have the faintest clue what a vacuum cleaner bag is.

She is supremely stressed, yet equally happy with her job, her imminent promotion and the fact that the office hottie finally noticed her after three years.

Just one silly, small mistake and everything go up in smoke.

Horrified at her career-ending gaffe and unable to face her colleagues and their reactions, Samantha hops into the first train out of the country and wonders, rather dazed, into the first house she sees.

Trish and Eddie, the not-too-bright owners promptly mistake Samantha for a prospective housekeeper and give her the job.

To keep her sanity intact, a confounded Samantha accepts blithely. And the roller coaster ride of errors and fun begins.

To the horror and amusement of Nathaniel, the house gardener, Samantha blitzes, burns and smashes her way through the house, managing to dye her hair orange, produce inedible junk called a seaweed couscous, boil eggs in the oven and make cold sauce- without turning the gas on.

When Nathaniel is finally convinced that Samantha is a brilliant attorney, merely trying to get away from a bad past and not the dangerous lunatic he thought she was, they begin to make progress- both at the professional and personal fronts. But just as things are beginning to come together nicely for all of them, Samantha’s past life decides to play a little catch up.

Sophie Kinsella paints a hilarious, rib-tickling and incredulous picture about the trials and tribulations of a single, independent, working woman, one who is both brainy and careless, who is emotional yet withdrawn from her own heart, who yearns for acceptance yet runs away at the mere mention of trouble.

Samantha’s journey will resonate with anyone who has ever had to live alone or try to fit in strange situations. Join this scatterbrained heroine as she stumbles and wheezes her way through an alien territory- housekeeping!

This review is creative by Pallavi S.

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